Sunday, October 21, 2007

23 Things #23...Musings

Hot-diggity-dog, I'm done! I've learned a LOT but it was very time-consuming and all of it was done on my own time at home--I'm too busy at work to complete these assignments. But I got an MP3 Player! And I got 1.8 ceu's--I've completed the 6.0 ceu's I needed by January 2009! Hot-diggity-triple-dog!
Yahoo! Avatars U.K. & Ireland

23 Things #22

I set up an account with Maryland's Digital eLibrary Consortium through HCLibrary's website using my library card. After exploring the audio books, I chose Kabul Beauty School: An American Woman Goes Behind the Veil and added it to my bookbag. I downloaded OverDrive Media Console v2.1 and the Windows Media Player Security Upgrade and was then able to download my chosen audio book to my computer.

23 Things #21

I found the Yahoo Podcasts to be the easiest podcast directory but it's closing down on Oct. 31st! So, I examined and found some interesting pods on dogs. Please note my RSS feed for podcasts on dog behavior.

I clicked on some of the podcasts from Kankakee Public Library but didn't listen to them because of the long viewing time. I certainly can see the value of libraries using podcasts to broadcast popular library programs.

23 Things #18 Continued



    Zoho Writer is great!  The toolbar is so easy to use with icons for everything from line spacing, to ≈ (special characters), subscript, superscript, inserting images


to using FAQ and forums to answer questions.  This is word processor is SO much easier and more intuitive than Office Writer!

    There are still some bugs in Zoho Writer, though.  I could not figure how to change the page to landscape size, even after I found a "so-called work around fix" in the forum pages.  I also could not figure out how to crop the above image--I could only reduce the size overall.  Well, for future versions...


23 Things #18

I thought Zoho Writer was great but still, in some ways, a work in progress. See my Zoho Writer Document.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

23 Things #20

This is a totally cute video about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Beattie. When I watched this video, Lola was on my lap and started growling when Beattie did!

I like the Youtube site--I'd heard about it and I was interested to explore the site. Obviously, I chose the site from the Cavalier King Charles spaniel videos (yes, there are many on Youtube) I found using the search box. I was a little disturbed to see that there appeared to be a way to link to porn videos if you clicked on some of the comments (I can't be sure since I didn't try.)

I can see posting videos of library events or even blurbs about the Summer Reading Game, etc. on the HCL website.

23 Things #13

While examining through the PLCMCL2 account, I could see why the site is so popular. Using takes some of the guesswork out of research and websurfing because people have found and tagged the websites already. The search box on the site really helps with its use and using the tags to find related sites is great.

The comments by individual users of could be helpful but by clicking on a particular user's notes, you can access all of the user's websites tagged on In fact, anytime your username appears on all of your tagged websites can be accessed. I realize this is described as a "social bookmarking" site, but I can see some privacy concerns using this site for anything but research or professional bookmarks.